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Breathe Comfort Bandana BLACK, WHITE and NUDE Pack of 3

Breathe Comfort Bandana BLACK, WHITE and NUDE Pack of 3

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Breath products are made from Bamboo Fabric which is naturally breathable and anti-bacterial. Its light weight and smooth feeling with make you forget that your hair is covered.

Comfort's revolutionary design gives your hair full
coverage and volume through its double-layered
ultra grip while allowing full breathability for your
nair. It is made from bamboo fabric, a natural
breathable and Antibacterial material. And with its
Super Air Flow design, oxygen will reach the roots
of your hair 90% more than with the traditional
cotton bandanas
For a fresh feeling and healthy hair, Comfort is
designed to allow the maximum breathability and air
flow to your hair roots
Move freely and zero slippering is guaranteed with
the Ultra-Grip innovative design.
Long or short hair, Comfort bandana will adapt

1 Quantity means Get 3 pieces as shown in the pictures


Contact us if you need a different set 

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