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Eva Skin Care Tropical Sacoche (Heel Cream+Hand Cream+Hand Scrub+Body Lotion)

Eva Skin Care Tropical Sacoche (Heel Cream+Hand Cream+Hand Scrub+Body Lotion)

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1-Eva Skin Care Body Lotion, Tropical:

Eva Skin Care Body Lotion with its special care provides your skin with silky, smooth and luxurious feel. Its deep formula, enriched with moisturizing ingredients works as "water magnet" that binds with water molecules and holds them in the skin cells. Vaseline softens and smoothes the skin. It also prevents moisture loss and protects against dryness. Glycerin effectively replicates the role of your skin's own natural moisturizing factor and allows it to draw and absorb water from the air. In addition, Glycerin helps skin to retain moisture.

2-Eva Skin Care Heel Cream, Tropical:

Our feet deserve special and gentle care to provide us with comfortable journeys. Rough and cracked heels ore considered as common problems. Eva Skin Care Heel Cream is an advanced formula specialized in repairing cracks and heels' hardened skin. The soothing blend of Vaseline and skin softening emollients effectively and easily reduces heels' roughness and seals in moisture.

3-Eva Skin Care Hand Cream, Tropical:

Eva Skin Care Hand Cream is the best friend for dry skin. Its rich formula with Vitamins and moisture act by sealing moisture in and keeping dryness out. Vaseline and Glycerin continuously work together to keep the skin's moisturization giving you extreme softness. Pamper your hands with Eva Skin Care Hand Cream and enjoy soft and gorgeous hands all day long.

4-Eva Skin Care Hand Scrub, Tropical:

Eva Skin Care Hand Scrub is a unique formula that combines exfoliating sugar particles with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. This rich blend is the best choice for scrubbing the top layer of dead skin cells and moisturizing your hands leaving them smooth and feeling supple.

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